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The Note Queen

"A master of the dance between property and paper.".

In her own words, this is what Dawn Rickabaugh does. The "Queen of Notes" started her company, Note Queen Capital to help her clients earn more money, and close more deals. Dawn expands on what she does by explaining what a note is; which is basically a promise to pay. A Note is also known as a Promissory Note.

Cheri Hill has some experience with this as well. Many real estate investors that Cheri has worked with will use notes. And especially with what Dawn deals with, this method allows for people with bad credit to apply for loans or look at buying a house. In cases where the bad credit is not under their control, notes give another option. That being said, even though "dings on the credit" won't bother her, Dawn requires something for collateral.

To finish things off, Dawn and Peter switch gears and talk about falling housing sales in California, and how that might move/affect Nevada. There has been an estimated 8% decline since this time last year.


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