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Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House: Rachel Gatusso and Brock Marquez

Today's guests are from the Ronald McDonald House Charity. Their purpose is to provide comfort and support for families who find themselves traveling for medical services for their children. The Ronald McDonald houses contain kitchens, beds, bathrooms, and even just someone to talk to; and all within walking distance of a hospital. These centers are not only located across the United States, but globally as well. The foundation also sets up "Family Rooms" within hospitals that provide similar services.

Brock and Rachel also discuss the upcoming Red Shoe Gala. The Red Shoe Gala is an annual fundraising event. This years event features a slightly different approach, with a "Wizard of Oz" theme. Officially titles as Oz Couture, this year guests are encouraged to show up in high fashion, with a twist of Emerald City or Wicked Witch.

Later in the show the wealth protection diva herself, Cheri Hill, joins the conversation. Cheri talks about the dangers of investing in real estate. especially when multiple people buy real estate as a group, and later one or more wish to leave the agreement.

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