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Reno Housing & Work-force Development

Updated: Dec 20, 2018


In the studio, Peter is joined by Aubrey Nelson and Brent Boynton to discuss housing and work-force in Reno. Later on special guest calls in, Steve Andreano from the Reno Technology Academy.

Aubrey Nelson is with the Community Services Agency that serves Northern Nevada. She oversees work-force development for the group. As Aubrey puts it, she helps to "Gain and maintain employment". They will help provide the means to find a job, and learn any skills for it.

Aside from the work-force, the CSA also helps with affordable housing, as well as the Head Start program for children in Nevada.

Through Reno Housing Authority, Brent Boynton and others provide Federal Housing Assistance. In a nutshell, money from Washington comes to them, and then goes to those who need it in Reno, Sparks and Washoe County. This money takes two forms, public housing and Section Eight Housing.

Steve Andreano is from the Reno Technology Academy, and has a great deal for anyone interested in a career in Cyber-Security or "The Internet of Things". The Reno Technology Academy is starting two new programs on those subjects, and are offering a limited amount of scholarships for both. Their age range is high-school graduate through those in their forties or fifties. They can, and will, teach anyone.

Find out more about Reno Housing Authority here.

You can also visit the Community Services Agency here.

Curious about the Reno Technology Academy Scholarship? Check it out.

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