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Nevada 2018 Sheriff Elections

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Karen Gedney, Heidi Howe, Darin Balaam.

This week Peter has a co-host to help interview two candidates in the upcoming election for Nevada sheriff.

Karen Gedney recently published a book on her time as a prison doctor in Nevada. Dr. G spent thirty years in the system, and during that time she worked to improve healthcare for inmates. Karen continues to work on that goal despite no longer working within the prison. Her and her husband are heavily involved with at helping at-risk youths.

Heidi Howe was introduced to the world of law enforcement after seeing an advertisement on television recruiting women and minorities for the Reno Police Department, to which she thought; "Hey, I'm one of those". From there Heidi began researching and training for the interview, and was accepted. However, after facing problems within the department, Heidi decided to transfer to the sheriff department, where she found a much better fit.

Darin Balaam has worked in multiple units and groups over the course of his twenty year long career. Darin has been apart of the three major sections; Operations, Detention and Administration. He has supervised teams, including gang units and K9 units. Recently Darin Balaam has taught criminal law at Truckee Meadows Community College.

Both candidates have a focus on targeting the cause of why so many inmates are "frequent flyers', why so many are apprehended so soon after being released. Heidi and Darin agree with Doctor Gedney, that there are other alternatives to repeat arrests, especially for minor offences. Heidi is pushing for programs within jails and prisons that treat substance abuse issues, to deter repeat offences of that nature.

Darin believes that those who are repeatedly jailed for minor crimes (jaywalking, running out on a bill, etc.) can be avoided by implementing a MOST program. This would feature social care workers riding with sheriffs on calls where the perpetrator is showing mental health or sobriety issues. Programs like this in other states have shown success in avoiding repeat future offences.

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