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Lori Amos, RE/MAX Professional

Updated: Feb 19, 2019


In this episode, Peter Padilla is joined by real estate agent Lori Amos. Lori has been a member of the Reno and Sparks community for eighteen years, and has been working in real estate for the past six. When you go to Lori, you know you're working with someone who knows the community, and wants to help you find the best location possible.

Lori has helped clients find everything from a condo in Down town Reno, to a multi-acre property in Palomino Valley.

A recent trend that Lori has noticed, is the age of home-buyers. While most would assume that the older generations, 50+, would be the main group, Lori has found that an increasing amount of younger people are buying homes. "Millennials", or as Lori puts it, those 26 and up are looking at buying first time homes. These are students out of college, people just starting a career, and others who are just looking for somewhere to start settling down. When it comes down to it, everyone wants a home, a place that can be their own. And in some cases, they will buy a multi-room house and rent out to other younger people.

If you have questions for Lori Amos, you can contact her here.

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