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"Helping Clients is all About Family".

This episode is all about buying homes and loans. We are joined by Eloisa Phelps, NMLS #266680, a mortgage loan agent from Summit Funding and Yeysen Garabito, real estate pro from Ferrari-Lund Real Estate.

What both Eloisa and Yeysen both have in common, is a commitment to the families they help. Eloisa recognizes that buying a home is one of the largest investments and purchases that most people will make. And with that, Eloisa explains every step of the process and each fee to her clients. Nothing is hidden or sneaked in, and everything is out in the open.

"It's not about the paycheck", says Yeysen. In a similar manner to Eloisa, Yeysen's ultimate goal is for a family to be satisfied with their home. If the a clients "headache" is gone by the time they see the property they have been working towards, Yeysen has done his job to the best of his ability.

We're also joined later in the show by the Wealth Protection Diva, Cheri Hill of the Cheri Hill Show. Cheri has had similar dealings, but on the business side.

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