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Peter Padilla has a packed studio today, with Colleen McKoy, Deby O'Gorman, and Tim Farrell. Both Colleen and Deby work as realtors, and Tim Farrell is with Blue Line Enterprises LLC as a handyman.

Colleen McKoy is based out of Carson City, NV. She is the Broker/Owner of Brick & Mortar Properties. When it comes to the real estate industry and real estate advice, Brick & Mortar put their clients first to ensure they get what they want and need. Colleen has worked in many aspects of the Real Estate industry, from lending to education, to working with investors.

Deby O'Gorman is a realtor as well, with Coldwell Banker Select Real Estate. Deby has been a resident of Nevada for fourteen years. When it comes to real estate, Deby has a large amount of experience with horses and helping clients find horse properties, which she has done since 2006.

As a Handyman, Tim Farrell has had many times in his career working with the real estate business. There are times when a property is about to close, and all of a sudden, something breaks. A pipe bursts, mold is found, anything can happen. And when that does happen, what does a realtor do? They call a handyman of course! Colleen and Deby recommend for any realtor to have a handyman they can trust and responds quickly.

You can contact Tim Farrel at (775) 750-0827 or

You can contact Deby O'Gorman or Coldwell Bank here. If you want to contact Deby or ask a question, you can do so at

Colleen McCoy can be found here. Or you can send her a question at

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