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Marsha Berkbigler joins Peter Padilla in the studio. She is the current Commissioner for District 1 in Nevada. This covers a part of West and South-West Truckee Meadows, and South-East along the Sierras into Tahoe Basin.

Marsha was elected in 2012, and was selected as Commission Chair earlier this year.

The first topic of their discussion covers the recent events of the Daybreak Housing Development. This project was pushed back, mainly due to the fact that the proposed housing would be built in floodplains. the proposed development would have brought 4,700 homes in South-East Reno. Other potential issues included safety regarding fire hazards, and a dramatic uptick in traffic.

Next up are the steps taken by the Board of County Commissioners to set up an Affordable Housing Trust-Fund. Reno, being a growing city, is in need of affordable housing wit those owning rental properties raising rent for newcomers to Nevada. Another reason for this are a portion of the homeless population with a steady income and jobs, yet still cannot afford an apartment or other living space. A fund of this type starts with money from local governments, and later will be expanded to a more federal level, including grants. And this would go a long ways towards affordable housing.

You can find out more about Marsha here.

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