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Updated: Dec 28, 2018


Today Peter Padilla is joined by a number of guests. Shelley Hendren and Mechelle Merrill work with the Nevada Department of Employment Training & Rehabilitation. DETR's mission is to connect local businesses with employees.

Mainly, their focus is on connecting those with disabilities, to a career that they might not even know exists. One such way this is accomplished is through their work with schools in Nevada. DETR works with the school districts to start helping younger people with disabilities to start thinking about a career.

DETR also works with the elderly who want something to do in their retirement, or who feel a need to contribute to their community.

Joining their conversation are Cheri Hill of the Cheri Hill Show and; Jack Whitley, a local business owner. Jack is with CJ's Recommended Carpet Care, and has worked with DETR in the past Cheri Hill has worked with local businesses in the past, and knows the importance of finding the right workers.

You can find out more about DETR through their website. And you can check out vrNevada, a similar group.

You can listen to this episode and more on our SoundCloud page.


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