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On todays episode, Peter is joined by Amanda Burden, Debbie Gilmore, and Samuel Ramsey.

Amanda Burden is the Editor/Publisher of Edible Reno-Tahoe Magazine. Her magazine highlights not only local restaurants and farmers markets, but also includes tips and recipes for healthier eating. Edible Reno-Tahoe is published every two months, and is available in both digital and physical copies.

Debbie Gilmore is the president of the Mason Valley Beekeepers and the owner of Hall's Honey, a family company. The Mason Valley Beekeepers are here to help anyone new to keeping bees, and in fact have an upcoming conference dedicated to newcomers. The 2019 Beekeeping Conference will be held in Yerington, Nevada from February 22-24th. Topics include uses of honey and beeswax, how to start and care for a hive, a dinner, and hive decorating.

And now for our special phone guest, Samuel Ramsey. He is an Entomologist with a particular focus on honey-bees. Samuel is actually going to be a guest speaker at the 2019 Beekeepers Conference, talking about his latest project; the Tropilaelap mite. This mite is parasitic and recently started affecting Honey-bee swarms. Dr. Ramsey is researching and studying exactly how the Tropilaelap mite affects bees, and from there a solution will hopefully be found. You can find Samuel Ramsey and watch his informative videos by searching "Doctor Buggs".

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