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Updated: Dec 28, 2018


On this episode, Peter is briefly joined by Cheri Hill, and later on by Brett McElhaney.

Cheri stops by the studio to discuss the upcoming election, and how important it is to get out and make sure your voice is heard.

They also get more into what type of work Cheri does with he clients, namely those in Nevada, reaching out to other states.

Brett McElhaney is the founder, and lead engineer, of McElhaney Structural Engineers LLC. Originally, Brett was pursuing a career in psychology, before returning to school and obtaining a Bachelor's in civil engineering. Despite the change in schooling, he still finds way to apply psychology to his work in engineering, combining how people think with how people interact with buildings.

Recently Brett McElhaney was involved with the Mesa Rim Climbing and Fitness Center building. It is located on 970 Harvard Way, Reno NV.

You can find out more on McElhaney Structural by visiting their website.

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