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Beekeepers and Realtors

Debbie Gilmore works with Mason Valley Beekeepers. Her family has been doing that in Yerington Nevada for around 100 years. Debbie is in fact one of many mentors from the Mason Valley Beekeepers. Any of the mentors, including Debbie, can be reached via phone or email with any questions regarding bees and beekeeping.

Dan has been beekeeping as well, for around seven years. Debbie, Dan, and Peter recommend Beekeeping as a recreational activity. All three claim that you will never meet someone as friendly and relaxed as a beekeeper. Continuing along that thread, they describe beekeeping as being a therapeutic and relaxing hobby. Not only is it something that involves nature, but also provides a product that can be shared with friends and family.

One warning that is shared for any new to beekeeping, are wild animals. Despite the fact that Reno is a city, wild animals are still an issue. Dogs, racoons, birds, and even on rare occasions bears can provoke and attempt to get into hives. That being said, there are simple fixes that can help against these problems.

Aside from keeping bees, Dan Rider is also in real estate. A common occurrence Dan encounters are elderly parents and their children. In cases where an elderly parent is living alone, their children sometimes become concerned. This stems from either an actual concern for the parent living alone, or sometimes the potential price of selling the house. In these instances, Dan recommends changing the house. This can involve yard sales and renovating the house for ease of access. As Dan says, if there is no immediate need or actual concern for moving, it is better to keep them where they are. Dan Rider wants what is best for the client, not for a paycheck.


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