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Beekeepers and Painters

Updated: Dec 28, 2018


Peter's studio was abuzz with activity in this episode. Debbie Gilmore and Shari Breault from the Mason Valley Beekeepers have some updates on events and advice. And the Wealth Protection Diva, Cheri Hill swings by for a little while as well.

Debbie Gilmore is a Beekeeping Mentor with the Mason Valley Beekeepers. Shari Breault is a beekeeper as well, and is a painter. Many of her paintings are centered around nature and bees. She is somewhat new to keeping bees, Shari has kept a hive for around three years now.

Anyone interested in beekeeping should think about attending the Bee Conference held by the Mason Valley Beekeepers. The next conference is in February of 2019.

Cheri Hill stops by to talk about a recent summit she attended. This Summit was headed by Dawn Rickabaugh, a previous guest on the show.

Those who are new to beekeeping, will notice that bees begin working quicker in the fall. With Winter approaching, they need to prepare for the colder weather and finish for food stores. In fact, bees born in winter live longer than in the summer, three to four months versus three weeks.

If you want learn more about what she does you can visit Cheri Hill on her website.

You can visit the Note Queen here.

Curious about Beekeeping? Visit the Mason Valley Beekeepers.

And you can listen to this episode and more on our SoundCloud page.


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