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A Lesson in Real Estate


In this episode of Nevada Real Estate Radio, our guests in the studio are Cheri Hill from The Cheri Hill Show, as well as Loan Officer Brian Cushing.

When it comes to lending and real estate, there are many terms that may seem confusing to a new buyer. Some of these terms include; "loan to value ratio" and "Private Mortgage Insurance", Brian and Peter break these terms down in a simple way:

Loan To Value Ratio- When asking for a loan to buy a house, the lender will appraise the house. This is a method of determining if the house value being equal with the loan. This is based off the purchase price of the house.

Private Mortgage Insurance- A small policy that a lender uses. This is a safeguard against defaulting on a loan. An equity of 20% will make this easier, and the lender will be comfortable with the loan process. Any amount lower than 20% will make for an unstable process.

Brian Cushing's NMLS Number is 303045, you can contact Brian here.

If you want to learn more about Cheri Hill and her show, check out her website.

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